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Content is still Work in Progress - Multiple Data Points, a Single Source of Truth

Collect, transform and calculate, taking data from any source and producing unified, flexible and self-serve reports for stakeholders.

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Save Time

Automate and consolidate your different datasets to free up your time to focus on what really matters.

Define KPIs

Decide what targets and KPIs you want, and the solution will be made-to-measure.


Experts can guide you to collect the right data to quickly achieve your objectives.

Greater Savings

Access anytime, anywhere without heavy investments and focus on what is most important.

The Data Reporting Solution

The Data Reporting Solution

You’ve got multiple datasets from many different data sources and you struggle to integrate all that data into useful, specific reports.

Business Intelligence for GHG collects, transforms and calculates data from any source and produces unified, multi-dimensional reports with it. Here are some of its other features that ease the data collection and reporting process:

  • Deal with multiple platforms and multiple datasets in a single place
  • Build your own KPIs and custom dashboards
  • Consume data from any source
  • Choose to access the data in the Cloud or push it into your own system
  • Flexibly incorporate additional data as you go
  • Access your consolidated data from one source of truth, live and on-demand
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Key Advantages

Accountability and resolution tracking for data anomalies.
Up-to-date reporting and risk management with reliable sources.
Engagement and collaboration through a single platform.
Security with permissions and ISO compliance.
Automated data collection and cleansing.
Customizable to your business with configurable reporting.
Cost savings by utilizing existing templates and tools.
Reduced time by avoiding manual tasks and human error.

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