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Easy to use PAS platform allows you to swiftly to gather risk results on any US property.

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Reduce Risk Comprehensively


Search for US properties or locations using our quick customized search function and immediately gain access to an innovative platform with additional processes and features.


Using a platform tool, validate and identify your subject property and surrounding properties for up to an eighth of a mile.


Check the risk of your properties and the surrounding properties’ risk and determine opportunities and potential threats.


Manage your property portfolio, add additional properties and gain new information through alerts all under an easy-to-use platform.

Mapping Property Risks

Mapping Property Risks

With this satellite view and sophisticated color palette, quickly see your subject property and surrounding properties up to an eighth of a mile with color-coded pin drops indicating categories of risk within the given parameter.

Key Offerings

Search for properties
Hover over a property and drop a pin
See risk rating of surrounding properties
Download full environmental reports
Zoom in and out to identify nearby risks
Street view properties in question

On Demand Real Estate Risk Management

THE PROBLEM: The Challenge of Property Risk
The purchase of property is large financial investment. It only makes sense to discover all potential risks associated with a residential or commercial property prior to closing. But, until now, there hasn’t been a single platform or software that allows you go to find all real-estate risks associated with a property.  

THE SOLUTION: The Seamless Real-Estate Risk Solution  

  • Take charge of the due diligence process.
  • See on-demand maps of areas or search for a particular piece of property by address.
  • Map your current environmental records and past land use reports in real time.
  • Determine investment opportunities to help plan for future resource allocation.
  • Reduce a loss of profit by identifying properties in your current portfolio that pose the most risk.
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