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Jimmy Summers, Vice President, EHS and Sustainability

“The platform created urgency. My team and I could easily see the conformance status of all facilities in one diagram and then drill down into each facility to see more details and the In Check report. The CleanChain platform made it more ‘official,’ with a lot more visibility.”

Mighty Media Studios

“ADEC’s team presented the perfect balance: a wealth of information and a patient guide into new territory for well-meaning but professional perfectionists. They really encouraged us to put in the work and to feel proud of what we’ve accomplished for our company and the planet.”

Esther Stoakes, CDP, Technical Officer – Scoring

ADEC’s experience with BPO means the process runs smoothly, the CDP scoring methodology is consistently applied, and the team is very easy for us to work with. […] we have the confidence that it will be done on schedule and with high quality.

Zagg Ltd

We needed a business that was prepared to partner with us as we went from ‘start-up’ stage through to fast growth and could flex their support with us. We’ve found Arise to be extremely proactive in their approach to continuous improvement and have been able to quickly grasp the depth and complexity of our multiple brands and products. We’re incredibly pleased to have found an organisation that can support us as we meet our ambitious growth targets.”


“[…] This was a massive programme of work, and never before had we had the level of support and insight that enabled us to drive improvements from first customer touch point to service delivery. ADEC Arise enabled us to deliver significant cost savings and customer experience improvements and was a true partner throughout the process.”

Tessy Plastics Corp

“We have worked with ADEC Innovations over multiple reporting seasons, and they have always provided us with fast, friendly, and expert service. Their precise and detailed recommendations have enabled us to maximize our CDP Climate Change and Water scores, and their insights have been invaluable in helping us better understand the methodology and given us clear direction on how to improve our response and sustainability efforts.”

A Southeast Engineering Firm

“Honesty, responsiveness, and quality of the data provided were the key factors in our decision-making process to nominate Envirosite as our prime data supplier.”

Virgin Atlantic

“ADEC provided a quick and efficient service. The Scoring Assessment feedback was provided in a really clear format, and so it was easy to see where we could make improvements. As ADEC [was] an accredited partner of CDP, we feel confident with their advice and experience.”

Ira Star Impaired Real Estate Assessment & Management Co.

“I hired Cameron-Cole to apply for entry into Colorado’s Voluntary Cleanup Program. The application was accepted and received a No Action Determination in two years. I chose Cameron-Cole because of their highly qualified personnel and was greatly pleased with the results.”

Marvell Technology Group Ltd.

“Working with ADEC Innovations has exceeded every expectation we had. While we expected them to help us establish our initial environmental sustainability program, we did not anticipate how quickly ADEC Innovations would achieve incremental, measurable results.”
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