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Vodafone NPS

“We treat ADEC [Workforce] as a partner, and came to them with some very stretching objectives. The team accepted the challenge, and by the end of the year had established a monthly run rate reduction in calls of 19%, all whilst continuing to improve our NPS score.
The work ADEC [Workforce] did as part of this project meant that we smashed our NPS improvement target and far outperformed our competitors. It’s a truly collaborative relationship that has delivered cost reduction across the business, at the same time as creating happier customers. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”

Karen Boyce, Client Coordinator, CDP Disclosure Review

“ADEC’s ESG team presented the perfect balance: a wealth of information and a patient guide into new territory for well-meaning but professional perfectionists.   They really encouraged us to put in the work and to feel proud of what we’ve accomplished for our company and the planet.”

Medical Records Manager, Health District in New South Wales, Australia

“The entire process from collection through to the end was completely seamless. ADEC [Workforce] responded to scan on demand requests extremely quickly and has since collected a further 197,000 records from our on-site secondary storage area. The digitization of the medical records has not only freed up valuable hospital floor space required for the Hospital, but also streamlined the provision of historic patient information to clinicians for ongoing patient care, research and training.”

Kristina Gren, Head of Marketing

“At ADEC UK, I found the purpose-driven organization I sought. This innovative business prioritizes global sustainability, making it an exceptional workplace. Proud to be part of it!”

Production Agent, ADEC Philippines

“One of the reasons I stayed with ADEC [Workforce] for 15 years is because of my team here in the Philippines. They are with me through thick and thin. I’ve learned many new things through the years. There is a lot of opportunity to develop skills and progress in the organization.”

Jimmy Christopher, Group Sustainability Officer

“CleanChain has been an invaluable tool on our journey to sustainable chemical management.”

Moshe Kao, Senior Program and Country Manager, ADEC South Africa

“I get inspired to work for ADEC South Africa and being at the nexus of creating innovative and impactful solutions while contributing towards sustainable development for our clients and the African continent.”

Customer Care Client, Global Telecommunications Company

“The data insight team at ADEC [WorkForce] were absolutely brilliant in helping us to understand the issues with the sales channel.   The team gave us what we needed to not only put in place measures to correct some of the initial issues, but also allowed us to challenge our suppliers to improve their own processes and systems so that we could avoid many of the issues at source.   This was a massive programme of work, and never before had we had the level of support and insight that enabled us to drive improvements from first customer touch-point to service delivery.   ADEC [WorkForce] enabled us to deliver significant cost savings and customer experience improvements and was a true partner throughout the process.”

Outsourcing Client, Global Logistics Company

“ADEC [Workforce] does an excellent job of performing the processes currently outsourced to them. They understand our business, systems, and processes extremely well. As additional processes are moved to them, they do a great job of working with us to ensure proper documentation and training occur so the transition is seamless.”

Finance and Accounting Client, Human Capital Management Solutions

“The ADEC [Workforce] team strive for excellence in all that they do for us. They are extremely self-motivated to deliver exceptional levels of service, especially in how they manage their communication with us – ensuring that they are as clear as possible to avoid any misunderstanding.  
Quality is consistently high, and they take an ‘out of the box’ approach to create reports that we would not have been able to produce internally. The team take full ownership and where we are in terms of business success is in no small part due to the team’s performance.”
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