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Unlocking Sustainable Success: Overcoming Data Challenges on the Road to Zero ​


​Are you a ZDHC Brand feeling overwhelmed by the annual assessment process? You’re not alone. Every year, brands like yours undergo rigorous evaluations based on ZDHC-set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

In the pursuit of sustainability, each step forward marks a significant triumph. Yet, amidst these victories, there are hurdles that can impede progress. For brands aspiring to join the esteemed ranks of the Brands to Zero Programme, the journey towards a more sustainable future is often obstructed by complexities in data management and reporting. 

The ZDHC 2023 report illuminates the remarkable progress achieved by the Brands to Zero Programme, with 36 leading brands spearheading the charge. Undoubtedly, the path towards sustainability is well underway. However, for many, navigating this path is fraught with obstacles, particularly concerning the intricacies of data management and reporting. 

In the realm of sustainable chemical management, the imperative to reduce industry emissions by 45% necessitates improvements in production practices and investments in better chemistry.  

Yet, one of the primary pain points encountered by sustainability champions is the daunting task of comprehending and interpreting generous amounts of data. Despite possessing subject expertise and access to critical data, extracting meaningful insights remains a formidable challenge.  

Moreover, the ongoing battle of maintaining regular reporting, monitoring, and data snapshots for annual disclosure adds another layer of complexity. 

But amidst these challenges, there lies an opportunity for innovation and progress. 

The CleanChain Compass tool offers an intuitive way to visualize data for easy monitoring across SupplyChain, InCheck, and ClearStream themes. It calculates comprehensive performance scores, providing weighted scores for suppliers and the overall supply chain to create detailed scorecards. Additionally, it captures data points monthly based on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) established for Supply Chain Performance (SCP) themes, ensuring a consistent and thorough evaluation of your supply chain’s efficiency and sustainability.

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Dan Murray, Managing Director, CleanChain

With over two decades of expertise in International Commercial roles, Daniel is at the forefront of steering the CleanChain business towards its visionary goal of providing transformative technology solutions for sustainability practices.

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