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Stop collecting and inputting data yourself and let us help you streamline FMCG data collection, management and reporting.

Data Collection

Harness disparate ESG, risk and impact data for FMCG from any location, in any format, at any time.

Data Management

Transform the right information into unified datasets for streamlined calculations and on-going management.

Visualization & Reporting

Generate insights, deliver data to any recipient and report against industry standards and frameworks.

Tired of the data and reporting chaos? thumbnail

Tired of the data and reporting chaos?

Let us help you collect your data to generate automated reports specific to your FMCG needs.

Collect, transform and calculate data from any source and produce unified, multi-dimensional reports specific to the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods sector. Add data as you go and see everything in one place on a unified platform. The DataAssured platform includes:

  • Data Warehouse
  • ETL Processes
  • External Datasets
  • Security Monitoring

Business Intelligence, web services and third-party enterprise software are all available to you on the platform, allowing you to directly output to regulatory bodies and report your progress to all relevant stakeholders.

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