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Gain greater visibility on your supplier networks through a single source of truth. 

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Supporting the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:
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Using a tried and true approach.

Workshop for Alignment

Identify the scope of assistance you require, your currently available data and what data is still missing.

Engage Your Network

Engage your extended sourcing network to gather up-to-date information from all facilities worldwide.

Unified Data Flow

Implement a unified information system process and approach to maintain a single, secure source of record for all your vendor data.

See the Bigger Picture

Oversee your entire, up-to-date supply chain, ensuring the right data is available where and when it's needed, improving stakeholder decision-making.

Understand your network and connect all the dots.

Understand your network and connect all the dots.

Greater transparency and accuracy throughout your supply chain.

With more than 94% of companies not knowing what is happening throughout their supply chain, it can be a challenge to ensure that the ESG data that you have is both relevant and up-to-date. With supply chain mapping, you can:  

  • Create greater visibility by bringing data into a single source of record.
  • Have your supplier data curated and made visible in a format that works for your business needs.
  • Connect with tier 1, 2 and 3 suppliers and beyond, all the way back to the raw materials.
  • Automate the data gathering process to make sure your relationships are current.
  • Get continuous mapping updates on your progress toward external standards,  your business goals and other KPIs.

Try a supplier mapping process that utilizes all available technologies to give you the best overview of your supply chain.

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Key Benefits

Comply with regulations and standards
Ensure that all suppliers are acting responsibly
Prevent and mitigate risk and improve supply chain transparency
Use data to power predictive and business intelligence tools 
Differentiate your business from the competition

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