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Providing deeper insight in an objective, simplified score and color coding helps decision-makers avoid chemicals of concern

Support proactive, preferred chemistry decisions at all steps in the apparel supply chain

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Ensure Compliance

Ensure compliance with your specific MRSLs and RSLs, and the ZDHC MRSL through automatic integration with the ZDHC Gateway

Eliminate the cost

Eliminate the costs and burden of aggregating supply chain data

Map your supply chain

Map your supply chain to understand and reduce risks

Improve Insight and Visibility

Improve insight and visibility into chemical use throughout your operations and up your supply chain

CleanChain Modules

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Hazardous Chemicals usage and the link to wastewater emissions

+8000 chemicals are being used in the fashion and textile industry

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Transform Your Chemical Management

CleanChain™ is an award-winning system for tracking, managing and reporting environmental data across brand facilities and their value chain.

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