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Innovative support to tackle your global challenges, from supply chain and ESG to sustainability, compliance and secure data management.

About CleanChain

You may need to access special tools within your industry. For example, in apparel, we enable collaboration between brands and manufacturing facilities with access to ZDHC Gateway data, automatically matching formulations to verified ZDHC-level and other data, easily aggregating comparable information and promoting engagement.

Apparel and Footwear Solutions

For Brands

Streamline your supply chain and promote sustainability with Cleanchain’s cloud-based platform for brands

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For Suppliers

Transform your chemical data management workflow with Cleanchain’s comprehensive solution for suppliers

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For Formulators

Formulators have a critical role to play in making sustainable progress, being directly responsible for developing products that have a direct impact on the environment.

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CleanChain Solutions

Discover a transformative alliance between UL Solutions and CleanChain

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Responsible Solvents Webinar

Explore the just-released Responsible Solvents Approach Guide V1.0 by ZDHC, a game-changer in sustainable chemical management. Discover how this guide is set to transform industry practices and assist in positive changes.

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cleanchain webinar


Jimmy Summers, Vice President, EHS and Sustainability logo
"The platform created urgency. My team and I could easily see the conformance status of all facilities in one diagram and then drill down into each facility to see more details and the In Check report. The CleanChain platform made it more ‘official,’ with a lot more visibility."
Jimmy Summers, Vice President, EHS and Sustainability
Tessy Plastics Corp logo
"We have worked with ADEC Innovations over multiple reporting seasons, and they have always provided us with fast, friendly, and expert service. Their precise and detailed recommendations have enabled us to maximize our CDP Climate Change and Water scores, and their insights have been invaluable in helping us better understand the methodology and given us clear direction on how to improve our response and sustainability efforts."
Tessy Plastics Corp
Levi Strauss & Co. logo
"Levi Strauss & Co. is committed to zero discharge of hazardous chemicals throughput our supply chain and to advancing good chemical management practices in the apparel industry. We look forward to leveraging CleanChain as an effective way to improve the transparency and chemistry used in the manufacturing of products."
Levi Strauss & Co.
EHS Senior Manager Levi Strauss & Co, Europe

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