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Innovative support to tackle your global challenges, from supply chain and ESG to sustainability, compliance and secure data management.

CleanChain™ is an award-winning system for tracking, managing and reporting environmental data across brand facilities and their value chain. Redefine your relationship to your value chain through improved compliance, reduced risk, greater sustainability and customized dashboards that meet your specific needs.

Special Industry Access

You may need to access special tools within your industry. For example, in apparel, we enable collaboration between brands and manufacturing facilities with access to ZDHC Gateway data, automatically matching formulations to verified ZDHC-level and other data, easily aggregating comparable information and promoting engagement.

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Pioneering Business Intelligence

Providing the tools you need to automate data collection and build reports.

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What Our Customers Say

"We have worked with ADEC Innovations over multiple reporting seasons, and they have always provided us with fast, friendly, and expert service. Their precise and detailed recommendations have enabled us to maximize our CDP Climate Change and Water scores, and their insights have been invaluable in helping us better understand the methodology and given us clear direction on how to improve our response and sustainability efforts."
Tessy Plastics Corp
"ADEC's team presented the perfect balance: a wealth of information and a patient guide into new territory for well-meaning but professional perfectionists. They really encouraged us to put in the work and to feel proud of what we've accomplished for our company and the planet."
Mighty Media Studios
Karen Boyce, Client Coordinator, Mighty Media Studios, GHG Inventory Development, CDP Disclosure Review

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