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Beyond its functional benefits, CleanChain’s user-friendly design has simplified operations by removing the complexities associated with spreadsheets.

About Nishat Chunian

Established in 1991, Nishat Chunian Group is a respected name in Pakistan’s textile industry. Their diverse product portfolio includes cotton and blended yarn, greige and processed fabric, and home textiles, enabling them to serve a wide array of textile needs with finesse.

With 225,000 spindles and 2,880 rotors, their spinning division produces 14.2 million pounds of yarn per month, in 100% cotton, poly blends, and specialty fibres. Their advanced dyeing and printing capabilities, featuring state-of-the-art machinery, including Kusters, Monforts, Reggiani, and Durst, ensure vibrant and long-lasting textiles.

Their weaving division is capable of producing 5 million meters of fabric/month, including Percales, Twills, Sateens, Dobbies, and Jacquard. The stitching unit is equipped to handle the entire output of the processing plant, converting it into approximately 600,000 Equi-Sets per month. At NCL, they are committed towards sustainable practices. Their sustainability mission is to weave a future where environmental responsibility, economic growth, and social well-being harmoniously thrive.

The Challenge

Before integrating the CleanChain platform, the sustainability team found themselves overwhelmed with managing disparate data sets, hindering their ability to ensure real-time compliance with ZDHC MRSL guidelines. As the complexity of these spreadsheets increased, valuable time and effort were diverted towards maintaining data accuracy rather than focusing on sustainability objectives. However, with the adoption of CleanChain, NCL experienced a transformative shift. The platform centralized data management processes, enabling seamless monitoring of compliance in real-time. This newfound efficiency allowed the sustainability team to redirect their energy towards advancing sustainability goals and driving positive environmental impact throughout NCL’s operations.

The CleanChain Solution

Nishat Chunian Limited (NCL) has discovered a valuable partner in the CleanChain platform, which acts as a centralized hub for monitoring factory performance based on their specific criteria. This involves monitoring both supplier and product compliance levels, crucial components in upholding sustainability and regulatory standards. CleanChain provides NCL with the means to visualize their monthly In-Check reports, offering a clear and comprehensive overview of progress while identifying areas requiring attention. One of the platform’s notable strengths is its capacity to prompt action within NCL’s facilities. Upon data upload, both management and the corporate team gain immediate insight into the status of each facility. Gone are the days of grappling with data-filled spreadsheets; CleanChain renders data transparent, accessible, and easily understandable. This not only streamlines operations but also cultivates a culture of accountability, as every stakeholder can readily access and interpret the information necessary to drive positive change.

Key Results

The implementation of CleanChain at Nishat Chunian Limited (NCL) has yielded numerous advantages and remarkable outcomes. The impact of this platform has been transformative, particularly in how chemical inventory is managed and ZDHC standards compliance is ensured, all while advancing sustainability initiatives. CleanChain’s provision of real-time insights via ZDHC compliance dashboards has been immensely valuable, guiding effective resource allocation and facilitating substantial progress toward sustainability goals.

Beyond its functional benefits, CleanChain’s user-friendly design has simplified operations by removing the complexities associated with spreadsheets. This increased ease of use has resulted in enhanced overall operational efficiency. Moreover, CleanChain’s emphasis on data visibility has fostered a culture of accountability throughout the organization, empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions and uphold their dedication to environmental stewardship.

Mirza Shahbaz Baig, Senior Manager Compliance & Sustainability logo
“CleanChain has transformed our day-to-day operations at Nishat Chunian Limited (NCL). It's an invaluable resource that enables us to streamline chemical inventory management and uphold ZDHC compliance effortlessly. The platform's transparency and instant feedback have played a pivotal role in driving our sustainability objectives forward. It simplifies data management, enhancing the efficiency and accountability of our processes.”
Mirza Shahbaz Baig, Senior Manager Compliance & Sustainability

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