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Aggregate and prepare all your risk data and send it to where it's needed... any format, for any standard, to any place, at any time. 

Key Benefits

Manage Risk

Prevent, mitigate and manage risk and maximize trust in your decision-making.

Streamline Compliance

Comply with information demands of multiple regulations and standards

Leverage Efficiencies

Use data to differentiate your business from the competition

Make an Impact

Free your ability to focus on what matters most

Reduce your data management time and costs by two thirds.

Automate your data intake and output processes intelligently.


Harness disparate risk and impact data from any location, in any format, at any time.


Streamline data and transform information into a unified dataset.


Generate insights to maximum visibility, empowering stakeholders to make better decisions.


Deliver information to any system or endpoint and report against industry standards and framework.

Outsource repetitive data management to DataAssured.

With DataAssured you can:

  • Reduce risk
  • Build trust with stakeholders and increase transparency
  • Automate data collection, processing and output
  • Manage data comprehensively
  • Adjust for improvements and greater impact
  • Focus on higher value, strategic initiatives
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DataAssured Solutions

Adding a certified "DataAssured" badge signifies guaranteed accuracy, reliability and security of data through a thorough verification process. This certification ensures that data collected, processed and stored meets the highest industry standards and provides organizations with the confidence that their data is accurate and secure. The "DataAssured" badge gives assurance that your company is committed to data quality and security, leading to improved decision making and performance.

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