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Streamlined Compliance Solutions

Streamline the complex CEQA & NEPA compliance processes by tailoring them to your specific jurisdiction and your business’s long-term environmental goals.

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Supporting the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:
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Tailored Benefits

Regulatory Guidance

Get CEQA and NEPA guidance tailored to your specific needs.

Streamlined Efficiencies

Solution-oriented, cost-effective, timely environmental documentation to keep your projects on track.

Sound Compliance Documents

Sound Compliance Documents

Prepare technically reliable, legally defensible and cost-effective CEQA and NEPA environmental compliance documents. Identify and resolve your compliance challenges and solutions, streamline the environmental review process, develop cost-effective mitigation solutions and monitor construction and implementation activities.

Key Offerings

Alternatives Analysis & Initial Studies
Categorical Exclusions/Exemptions
Environmental Assessments, Impact Statements & Impact Reports
Joint CEQA/NEPA Documents
Mitigated Negative Declarations & Negative Declarations Preliminary
Proponent Environmental Assessments & Findings of No Significant Impact

CEQA & NEPA Solutions

Benefits of ADEC’s CEQA & NEPA Compliance Solutions

  • Access highly qualified environmental specialists, energy management consultants and technical experts
  • Navigate the CEQA and NEPA processes necessary to effectively manage your project.
  • Identify and resolve your environmental challenges and solutions
  • Streamline the environmental review process
  • Develop cost-effective mitigation solutions
  • Monitor construction and implementation activities

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