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Mitigate your carbon footprint and champion sustainability with FoodChain.

FoodChain acts as an integral tool that enables chefs, restaurant managers and food service operators to monitor the impact of their emissions reduction strategies.

Supporting the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:
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Benchmark against KPIs for kitchen equipment, food purchases, disposables, facilities and operations.

Menu Engineering

FoodChain provides visibility in creating climate-friendly menus by calculating the carbon footprint of individual food items. This allows chefs to adapt recipes or find lower-impact substitutions, enhancing the sustainability of their menus.

Kitchen Operations

The platform monitors reduction strategies across energy and water use and waste management in the kitchen. This encourages the optimization of equipment use, innovative cooking methods and strategies to minimize food waste.

Kitchen Service

The platform measures the sustainability impacts across various kitchen functions, from reducing the use of single-use items to optimizing portion sizes based on consumption levels to decrease food waste.

Site Equipment and Facilities

By providing insights into the carbon impacts and energy-use of appliances, cafes can deploy methods to conserve water, gas, and electricity.

A Menu for Full Transparency

A Menu for Full Transparency image

A Menu for Full Transparency

Strategic Decision-Making for the Food Industry

Whether it’s corporate social reponsibility (CSR) reporting, CDP,  Science-Based Targets (SBTs), or another 3rd-party disclosure frameworks, FoodChain provides unprecedented visibility into these Scope 3 emissions  to create meaningful and lasting change. As an easy-to-use online platform, ultimately FoodChain can help you to:

  • Reduce costs through greater efficiencies
  • Reduce food waste and water usage
  • Use real data to build a sustainability strategy
  • Visualize your carbon footprint and identify hotspots
  • Promote sustainability to differentiate from the competition
  • Craft narratives that resonate with an increasingly eco-conscious customer base

Maximize sustainable efficiencies, foster positive behavioral change and pave the way for a positive environmental impact, offering a comprehensive, end-to-end approach to sustainability for any food service business.

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