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How do you evaluate your performance and its impact?

The Impact Scorecard offers a holistic evaluation of sustainability and impact performance, consolidating oversight of environmental, social, governance, and impact factors. With its user-friendly interface, it promotes transparency and efficiency in ESG data management, making it a strategic resource for companies integrating ESG strategies.

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Key Benefits

Quick Gap Analysis for Clients

Gain insights through a gap analysis of your impact performance, allowing you to promptly identify areas for improvement.

Strategic Resource Deployment

Identify areas for improvement, allowing you to strategically deploy resources to enhance your impact performance.

Regulatory Compliance Insight

Comprehensively identify performance gaps, enabling you to align with and fulfil specific regulatory mandates.

Mapping Impact Performance

Present and showcase your ESG performance to stakeholders, including clients, in a manner that is both efficient and economical.

Reasonable Pricing for Reporting

Effectively communicate and exhibit ESG performance to stakeholders at a reasonable cost.

Benchmarking for Data Buyers

Comparative analysis helps buyers make informed decisions and assess the sustainability and impact performance of various entities.

Why this Scorecard?

Why this Scorecard? image

Why this Scorecard?

The scorecard serves as an evaluation tool designed to gauge a company’s proficiency in navigating risks and seizing opportunities within four primary pillars: Planet, People, Responsible Business, and Impact Assessment. It leverages a comprehensive dataset to benchmark performance across various topics, providing insights into a company’s ESG and impact performance. The assessment delves into key aspects, offering a holistic view of how well the company aligns with sustainable and responsible business practices.

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