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Shared Services Outsourcing Week Lisbon 2024

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Delivering Value-Added GBS with Positive Impact

At ADEC Innovations, we understand the challenges organizations face in achieving operational efficiency whilst meeting social and environmental sustainability objectives and obligations for meaningful change.

We work with you not just to achieve productivity, efficiency and resilience, but to drive positive impact through purpose-driven outsourcing, offering a comprehensive suite of outsourcing services tailored to meet the unique needs of shared services and GBS functions that integrate sustainable practices.

We’re looking forward to connecting with you and exploring how purpose-driven GBS can make a positive impact in your world.

Global Excellence: Service and Social Impact at Scale

With global delivery centers in the Philippines, Kenya, Egypt, Colombia and beyond, we deliver exceptional SLA performance and cost reduction – whilst also helping clients prioritize positive impact through UN SDG alignment and impact sourcing.

We’re as passionate about providing socio-economic opportunities for the communities in which we operate as we are about exemplary client service delivery, and we’re proud to be listed among Impact Sourcing Specialists in the Impact Sourcing State of the Market Report 2023 – Everest Group

Connect with the ADEC Innovations Team at SSOW Europe

Co-Founder & CEO, ADEC Innovations

Connect with James to explore how your organization can work towards sustainability targets whilst optimizing Shared Service and GBS performance

Managing Director, ADEC Workforce

Connect with Matt to learn about purpose-driven BPO, CX, outsourced GBS solutions, and how to integrate Impact Sourcing into outsourcing models

Managing Director, ADEC Arise

Connect with Joe to talk about the role of Customer Care in GBS and how to build a right-shore model for your customer needs

Group Innovation Director, ADEC Innovations

Connect with Ben to learn about ESG data management and supply chain transparency in GBS and how to capture ESG data from Scope 1 to Scope 3 suppliers.

While more companies are changing the way they organize themselves, developing leaner corporate centers and increasing their use of Global Business Services (GBS) providers, the GBS model itself is evolving rapidly to include positive impact."

Our Outsourcing Solutions:

Embedding Social Sustainability and ESG in Shared Services/GBS

Want to understand more about finding the sweet spot between GBS, outsourcing and impact before connecting with us at SSOW Europe 2024?

We’ve compiled an informative guide – GBS Insights: Socially Sustainable Outsourcing and ESG – that unpacks the concept of purpose-driven GBS – to help you make better informed decisions about how to outsource operations with impact and purpose.

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